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Gravity is Love

The Art & Science of Creating
Heaven on Earth 


To the school where we teach the art and science of creating heaven on earth. For our personal well being and for the greatest good of all.

We offer Online Courses (see below) in Person Events, Group and Individual Sessions that teach how to harness the power of energy for your health, happiness, and manifesting your desires. 

To begin your healing journey, we are offering a free course, "Beyond Trauma."


Contact us directly for a complimentary consultation to discuss going deeper and learn how to awaken your innate inner life force that moves through the body’s energy centers.


Harnessing this force is a powerful way to clear stuck energy and allow Source to move through you and your creations.


This is how we heal and how we create Heaven on Earth.


With love,

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Trauma is not an event or something terrible that happens. It is our perception and how we respond. Our autonomic nervous systems (ANS) tend to have hyper- or hypo- reactions that can wreak havoc on our lives unless we liberate the energy from our systems. 

Online Courses


All of our online courses are asynchronous so you can take them at your convenience. A portion of each course purchased will sponsor the scholarship of a young person. Once you purchase a course, you can access all of its content at any time within our private online community portal. Purchase a single course or join our Connection, Expansion or Creation Level Bundles and save. If you select a course that has yet to be released, the course will be available within your portal on its release date. 

We look forward to learning and growing with you!

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Heart Patterns (HRV) and our health and happiness

Our hearts are brains unto themselves. When we connect with its infinite intelligence, we understand where we come from and what we are here to do. The heart has infinite potential from healing our physical and mental ailments to leading us to create the lives we love.​


wave on wave

The Art & Science of Harmonics, Golden Ratio and Music

Music is the voice of the heart. When its frequencies move in coherent waves and are layered with harmony and strong emotion, its vibration can break bridges *or connect us to the stars. The energy makes the difference. Join us as we explore musical rhythms that use nature’s patterns to create new worlds.​



The Art & Science of using Voice to Recreate the World

Is your favorite instrument your voice? If not, it should be. Our voices are our signature in the stars and the vibration that creates a new reality on Earth and beyond. Join us as we learn how to harness the resonant frequencies of our voices to create the lives we want -both below and above.

beyond trauma

The Art & Science of Liberating the Mind, Body, and Heart from trauma’s grip

Trauma is not an event or something terrible that happens. It is our perception and how we respond. Our autonomic nervous systems (ANS) tend to have hyper- or hypo- reactions that can wreak havoc on our lives unless we liberate the energy from our systems. 


energy in motion (part 1)

The Art Science of

Emotions, FLOW and how to heal from trauma 

Emotions are energy in motion -until they get stuck. Healthy, prosperous lives means energy is flowing through the body’s energy systems and connecting us to one another and to the field.

The legacy of powerful women has been stricken from history over the millenia -and not without reason. The supernatural abilities of the Feminine have created new worlds and reminded us of our divine nature to do the same. Join us as we unearth the Truth about superhuman women in history and learn to harness divine skills to create a new world.

Sofia, Isis, Mary Magdalene & All Women

The Art & Science of the

Divine Feminine


Marley is alive

The Art & Science of

Eternal Life

What is the phenomenon scientists call “successful death” and how have some souls achieved this? What is collective consciousness? And how is Bob Marley alive? 

j. Cole is the truth

The Art & Science of

Heart Qualities

A truly coherent heart is an honest heart. It is fractal in structure and mirrors inside out. And as below so above. The vortex that is J. Cole’s heart could allow him to achieve eternal life *Cole Consciousness.

heart mind.png

the mind thinks, the heart knows

The Art & Science of

Balancing the Mind and Heart’s Intelligences  

The heart's neurological network make it a brain unto itself. One that is far more powerful, intelligent, and limitless than the one on our shoulders. So, why do we listen more to the brain and not the heart? ​


The Art & Science of Manifesting Your Desires

Everyone has heard of Einstein's most famous equation, E = MC2, but not everyone knows what it means. Why is that? Join us as we break down this equation into simple terms and demystify the meaning so that we can apply it in our own lives to create a new world. 

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Darth & Luke

The Art & Science of

Emotions and Superpowers

What does Star Wars tell us about the power of our emotions? How does this sci-fi line up with modern science? Most importantly, how do you use your inner lightsaber to create a new world.​


Stevie wonder can see

The Art & Science of Sight Beyond the Eyes

We do not see with our eyes. Read that again. It is true. We will show you how it is not only possible, but how you can do it too. It’s not magic. It’s just science. So why is it kept a secret? 

lion deer.jpeg

Lions & deer

Social Agency, Restorative Justice and the Balance of Predator and Prey

We are all interconnected through the invisible membrane of life. Our perception of separation is false and will ultimately lead to our destruction. If we are going to save the Earth, we have to heal our great divide.


trees communicate

The Art & Science of Tree Rhythms

Did you know that trees can identify their family members or that they communicate across long distances? Trees also sleep and interact with other living beings. Come find out what the trees are telling us and why it matters.

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 4.42.32 PM.png

patterns in nature

The Art & Science of


The Fibonacci sequence is a simple mathematical equation found everywhere in nature and in art. Why is it not taught in school? Learn the simple pattern of our divine nature and the worlds unlocked by this knowledge. 



Patterns in Nature

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