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Our non-profit was founded in 2017 as "We Are The Progress" and continues on in our work at Gravity is Love. 


We are the Progress was founded out of a strong desire to promote equality for people of all races, genders, religions and sexual expressions. This desire still fuels and informs our work today.

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We Are The Progress empowers everyday people to protect the environment and Stand Up for people of all races, genders, religions and sexual expressions.  Every day people can make a difference. Whether you choose to wear a piece of cause jewelry, donate to a cause you feel passionate about or sponsor a project for change, everyone can be a part of progress.


As we prepare to usher in new universal energy, we know that where we focus our attention, emotions, and energy will be paramount going forward. In a spirit of love and positivity, we hope to continue to create awareness that inspires action to protect the planet and promote inclusion and progress for all. Going forward, we will fuse ancient wisdom with new discoveries that, together, form an emergent tapestry of infinite creative expressions of LOVE. We are humbled and grateful for the new opportunity to share tools, wisdom and ideas/activities to encourage coherence and harmony – both internally and divergently. We hope you shift with us as we continue to champion these important causes in new ways.

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